We're a pair of idiot motorcyclists from Sydney, Australia, who decided it would be a great idea to make a bunch of films about the culture of Australia, and our collective history and mythology that helped create that culture, whatever it is. Are we really who we think we are as a nation? Are the stories of our past that we take on as part of our national identity really all that we thought they were? We intend to find out.


Dave runs a successful photography and video production business, works as a professional musician for fun, and races motorcycles. Yes, he is a bit nuts. Probably a lot nuts, really. Dave will be responsible for the photography, filming and editing/production of the films on the expeditions, and also for making sure his red-headed mate doesn't get his eyes plucked out by vultures after he dies in the blazing sun of the Sturt's Stony Desert. Dave is a big guy who is covered in tattoos, facial hair, and generally doesn't play nicely with strangers, so it will be up to Stephen to negotiate with the locals in the desert for fuel when we're travelling, otherwise it's gonna get all Mad Max out there.


Stephen is the sensible one. Actually no, that's bullshit, He just pretends. Stephen is a high flying businessman who spends his working hours pulling off multi-million dollar corporate deals, for which he gets paid relatively little really, and then the rest of the time he's a mad hippy who lives in the Blue Mountains, does yoga, and laughs like a 12 year old girl. He will be responsible for being nice to the locals, getting people to agree to interviews, and stopping Dave from getting into pub fights. As you will discover, he thinks his jokes are awesome, and is often laughing at them well before those around him have realised he actually told a joke.


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Dave at Dead Horse Gap in a Power Ranger suit. But you knew that already.
Stephen's yoga antics are more than a little concerning.
Dave likes Kawasakis
But he races Hondas
Stephen likes blocking their shot. 
Stephen's first Puncture on the AT. Those shitty Dunlops have to go
The lads with Lynden Poskitt (centre), around the world adventurer, rally competitor, and legend.