The Luggage Problem

The first problem we had to solve, mainly because it was one of the most expensive, was choosing a luggage solution. We need to carry a lot of gear on our trips. And I mean a LOT!

There's the usual clothing, food, water, camping gear, fuel, and spare parts that you need for 4 or 5 days in the bush. But then we also need to carry multiple professional quality cameras, lenses, tripods, monopods, batteries, chargers and a drone in order to film our footage for the programs we will be producing. That adds a lot of weight and a lot of bulk. So we needed to find the best gear we could, without using up too many beer vouchers.

Our problem was solved when we discovered the Bumot Defender series of hard luggage, which offers us the strength, protection and security we need for our gear. This little video will give you a bit more info.

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