Hitting a snag

Amongst all the fitting of aftermarket bits and pieces to the Africa Twins (more on that later), there have been a few shakedown runs to get used to the bikes and see what manner of fiddling might benefit them before we tackle anything harder than a well travelled fire trail. Or Parramatta Rd. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference. Stephen has been doing much of that work, because he somehow seems to find more time to get out and ride than I do. I call him "The Test Mule". Well, I've actually just shortened it to "Donkey". Or "Donk", for short. It's a term of endearment, clearly. After all, we're supposed to be investigating the Australian culture, and it would be unAustralian to not give him shitty nicknames.

Part of Stephen's rigorously throrough testing regime was to investigate how well the Africa Twin copes with being hurled upside down at earthen banks by the roadside. You never know when that kind of data could come in handy. Like when you have to fill out an insurance claim.

Don't worry, he's fine. Kind of. Nothing some surgery can't fix, anyway. He will back to normal in a few weeks, just a little heavier with the addition of some titanium. He's on the mend, has a new bike on the way, and will be along shortly to post up all about it, including stomach churning photographs. Because every blog post reads better with those.

Stay tuned!

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